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November 16, 2017 | JaM Cellars

We Run for Wine

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Here’s How We Run for Wine during the holidays

Holiday fun runs are the best. Maybe it’s a Turkey Trot after the turkey goes into the oven, or Reindeer Run post-present unwrapping? These morning-of rituals are the perfect way to start the day and a great excuse for an extra glass of Butter!

1.     Assemble Your Squad: Emoji's if you can’t get the family out of bed in time to join, don’t sweat it. Put out a group text and entice the girls to join with the promise of post-run shenanigans! Team colors? we love these Butter-yellow Adidas!

2.     I Signed Up… Now What? Girl, you gotta get ready. Most of these holiday runs come in 5k and 10k variations—totally achievable with a few weeks of training, plus extra post-workout vino. We love this three-week training plan to get us from the couch to the course.

3.     What Do I Wear?! Have fun with a playful costume, especially if you’re running as a group! Check out these 20 Awesome race-day costumes for a little inspiration. If you’re not up for dressing like a turkey or pilgrim, consider a Butter yellow tutu!  After all, it is called a fun run.

4.     Tunes. The right track keeps us going to the finish line and the promise of a post run glass of Butter (well, that and the post-run celebration. Check out this ready-made playlist to JaM to while you run.

5.     Where’s My Wine? Celebrate the gold around your neck with a little gold in your glass! Grab Butter from the store pre-race, along with a couple of GoVinos for post-run tailgating. Or text the hubby post-run to pop that bottle and have a ToastMosa ready when you get home, You deserve it! 

Are you a JaM-loving Turkey Trotter? Share your pics with us on social! @JaMCellars 


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