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JaM Cellars
August 20, 2020 | JaM Cellars

5 Ways To Turn the Mundane into FUN-dane with Butter!

Pouring a glass of JaM Cellars Butter

Liven Up!

We love a good homebody lifestyle like the next person but raise your hand if the doldrums of home-life are feeling a bit ho-hum. Liven up your mundane must-do’s with some Butter-licious incentives to enjoy life’s little victories (like finally unloading that dishwasher).

• Grab Fido’s leash and get some of those steps in! Grab a cute fanny pack to stash a ButterCan to enjoy as you get those steps in.

• Put on a playlist and show your living room dust who’s boss. Kick back and enjoy the sparkle after all that hard work with a frosty glass of Butter to quench your thirst while you catch up on Housewives. #DomesticGoddess

• Did you complete your activity goals for the day? Go the extra mile to outpace your steps with the best motivation ever: See if you can beat your Drizly order of Butter on the way home. Ready, set, race to the sip!

• You’ve mopped and squeegeed and wiped every surface in the bathroom. Enjoy your sparkling clean efforts with a soak and a sip with one of Oprah’s top-rated Bath Bombs and Butter.

• In a dinner rut? Pour a glass of Butter and queue up YouTube to brush up on a few kitchen hacks to speed up your chopping skills.

Keep the fun going at home and keep your thirst safely quenched by shopping online for easy delivery right from the JaMStore. Or simply *add to cart* on your next grocery delivery near you with our same-day delivery partners at Drizly, Instacart, or Amazon Fresh!


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