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July 7, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Top 10 JaM Happy Hour Shows!

You know what’s better…err I mean Butter than a #SundayFunday? A rocking #WineWednesday, of course!

And that’s exactly what we do with our virtual  #JaMHappyHour shows LIVE on JaM Cellars Facebook and YouTube- hosted three times a month on #WineWednesday or #ThirstyThursday at 4:00pm PST. Plus a super special Sweet Relief benefit show the final Friday of the month! 

Whether you’re looking to sip back and relax with chill tunes, or a fun conversation about music and wine, we’ve put together a countdown of our TOP 10 #JaMHappyHour artists so you can #WineDown JaM Cellars style. Grab a bubbly glass of #Butter and fire up the bluetooth–these artists are definitely going to put the HAPPY in your HOUR:

#1 Emily Kinney 

And…coming in at number ONE–we have the triple threat of actress, singer, AND songwriter Emily Kinney! It’s pretty clear that this talented gal puts a lot of her own personal life into the songs that she writes, and we’re here for it!

During Emily’s #JaMHappyHour benefiting Sweet Relief, we broke out a bottle of creamy Butter Bubbles to match her delicate voice and bubbly personality. So tonight, chill out with your own glass of bubbles to celebrate #WineWednesday the JaM Cellars way. 

Find Emily’s Sweet Relief episode on YouTube, and her #JaMHappyHour the Podcast episode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

#2 Ben Thornewill  

Another fan fave here at JaM Cellars is the wine-derful, extremely talented Ben Thornewill. His goal is to combine his love for classical music with pop music, which delights listeners of all ages and musical tastes. During Ben’s #JaMHappyHour benefitting Sweet Relief, we were able to chat with him about his latest tours, newest album, and his recent release of ABBA covers (can you say Mama Mia??)!  

Find Ben Thornewill’s Sweet Relief episode on YouTube, as well as his podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Don’t forget the Butter Cab (as seen in Ben’s glass while he plays!). Snag yours here

#3 Lisa Loeb

To know Lisa Loeb is to love her! Making the TOP 3 of course! During her Sweet Relief #JaMHappyHour, we got to chat with Lisa about everything from her iconic 90's debut to the charity that she started, Camp Lisa–a charity that helps provide summer camp scholarships to kids who would otherwise not be able to afford the experience.  

We grabbed all the creami-licious #ButterChardonnay we could find for this episode, so #WineDown with us the right way with your own bottle and Lisa crooning through your speakers. You can find Lisa’s Sweet Relief episode on YouTube here as well as her podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

#4 Mondo Cozmo 

Mondo Cozmo is such an easy-going guy to host, and such an incredibly talented writer, musician and rockstar performer, but this Sweet Relief show was extra special because it was our first show that started our partnership with the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Cheers to supporting artists!

For tonight’s happy hour, bust out the Butter Bubbles and watch Mondo’s Sweet Relief #JaMHappyHour on YouTube or stream his podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts!  

#5 Chaz Cardigan

And down to the TOP5 For this #WineDownWednesday, we’re throwing it back to last summer, when alternative singer-songwriter Chaz Cardigan brought a sweet set of acoustic tunes to the virtual JaM Cellars stage. During his episode, we chatted with him about his upcoming music & projects, how his childhood nickname led to his professional title, and about his new web series, Wild World.

Grab your bottle of  #ToastSparkling and check out Chaz’s full episode on YouTube and stream his JaMHappyHour the Podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  

#6 Robert DeLong 

This happy hour, pour yourself an ice cold glass of delicious Butter Chardonnay and JaM along with the oh-so talented Robert DeLong–a Los Angeles-based one-man band whose unique singer/songwriter style helped us JaM all the way into New Year’s weekend! 

Check out Robert DeLong’s Sweet Relief episode over on YouTube or find his podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

#7 Kylie Morgan 

At JaM Cellars, it’s always happy hour. But when country music star, Kylie Morgan, is around we’re all just a little bit happier! This #WineDownWednesday, grab that bottle of Butter Cab and celebrate making it halfway through the week. Kylie is one of our faves with her sweet songs and even sweeter attitude! We hope she’ll be one of your #WineDownWednesday babes, too!

Watch Kylie’s show on YouTube and stream her #JaMHappyHour the Podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  

#8 Lee DeWyze 

In between playing tunes live from his studio in LA, Lee DeWyze sipped on his fave JaM Cab and chatted with our host, Sam about the beginning of his music career, and the ups and downs of the musician life.  

Catch Lee’s episode on YouTube and stream his #JaMHappyHour the Podcast episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.   

#9 Matt Costa 

Up next for your #WineWednesday watch, we have the talented Matt Costa, American singer-songwriter from Huntington Beach, California. Grab your favorite bottle of rich and creami-licious Butter Chardonnay and get ready for a very special #JaMHappyHour benefiting the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. Keep your ears open for his magically melodic mash-up of fan favorite songs and surprise covers! Watch Matt’s full #JaMHappyHour episode on YouTube

#10 Cassadee Pope

Soaring in at the top of our countdown (out of XXXX shows) we have singer songwriter Cassadee Pope, the first female winner from the third season of The Voice! She’s clearly found her voice, and now she’s not afraid to use it. 

Pour a glass of JaM Cab and sip back this #WineDownWednesday with Cassadee’s Sweet Relief episode. Watch it right now on YouTube!

Don’t forget. You can sip MORE of our #JaMHappyHour shows, LIVE  on JaM Cellars Facebook and YouTube at 4:00pm Pacific three times a month on #WineWednesday or #ThirstyThursday. PLUS a special Sweet Relief benefit show every final Friday of the month! 

Don’t tune in empty handed. Chill out with our NEW Butter Cab and Butter Bubbles, or find your favorite JaM Cellars wines by visiting us online at and on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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