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August 15, 2022 | JaM Cellars

Little Luxuries Make Everything Butter! #ButterIsBetter

Butter was made to make any day a little bit better–simply deeelish, easy-to-love wines for under $20!

Rich Butter Chardonnay (in single-serve ButterCans too!), smooth Butter Cab, and creami-licious Butter Bubbles—there’s truly a Butter for every taste, mood and moment.

Read on for the skinny on 10 Butter-ific ways to enjoy all the Butters, even beyond the dinner table and create a little every-day luxury in your life…

  1. Wine Walk: What better way to get your daily 10k steps than by grabbing a cold ButterCan and your Butter yellow Hokas? Head to a local trail, walk around the block, or wine walk to your bestie's house (don’t forget to bring her a ButterCan too. (Butter yet? Tune into the Butter Hiking Happy Hour playlist here!)

  2. Butter Bubbles in the Bath: Turn your boring bath into a better bubble bath with creamy, sparkling Butter Bubbles! Soak the stress away tonight with a warm bath and a side of chilled Butter Bubbles. And remember no glass in the bathtub…grab a cute plastic glitter flute here.

  3. Not so Guilty Pleasure: Order a large pizza, open some Butter Cab, and binge-watch your fav feel-good TV show: Ted Lasso, Schitts Creek, Friends, Big Bang Theory or New Girl…because you deserve it. Haven’t seen these yet? What are you waiting for? Go grab a glass and enjoy!

  4. Day of the Week with “Y”: What are you waiting for? So what it’s a Tuesday? We’re celebrating life! Invite your besties over, pop open a bottle of Butter Bubbles and toast all the things you’re grateful for today. Need some help? Here’s 57 gratitude prompts to get you started! 

  5. Treat Yourself to a Nail Spa Day. Choose something bright and fun! Bonus points if your nails match your ButterBubbles label… 💅🏼(Keep your eyes peeled for our Butter Yellow Orly nail polish IG giveaways!)

  6. Treat Yourself: Did you notice chardonnay rhymes with shopping? Well in which case crack open a bottle of creamy, smooth Butter Chardonnay pour a splash and do a little online shopping!

  7. Sunset Selfie: Walk to a place where you’ll have a great view of the sunset. Bring a cozy blanket, your Butter Chardonnay, and a bestie to snap some selfies with. #NoFilter

  8. Eat In Outside. Make your favorite dish (pasta, steak, roast chicken, macaroni and cheese) for dinner and pair it with our luscious Butter Cab Try these tips for an at-home picnic for the ultimate GNI (Girls Night In!).

  9. Buy the prettiest flowers at Trader Joe’s, go home, and open a ButterCan while you make yourself a bouquet to admire all week.

  10. Home Alone? Throw a “me” party! Throw on your jammies, turn up the tunes (epic playlist HERE), open your favorite bottle of Butter, and dance like no-one’s watching. Because they aren’t!

Whether you’re on-the-go, staying in, indulging in wine-time, girl-time, me-time, Butter’s got a wine for you that makes any day better and a lot less boring.

Find your Butter in the nearest wine aisle, or simply have it delivered by our fast and fun delivery partners! 



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